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Watch “Sheila Walsh on Unforgiveness” on YouTube

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Addiction, ADHD and The Antisocial Behavior Connection

On the defensive

Being Stuck Sucks



I have recently noticed that I am constantly on the defensive. After so many hits, I now feel like I have to protect myself. I don’t like this. Case in point: a staff meeting is called for tomorrow morning to share “good news”. My immediate thought is people are either leaving or fired, and the execs are going to spin it as good news. Yesterday I nearly bit my supervisor’s head off when I thought she was saying I was going to have to work all weekend and all week, with not one day off. She wasn’t; I overreacted. I’m on the defensive. Cue Rocky


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13 Things That Drive OCD People INSANE

very clean + coherent list….

How to Live with Other People (Like A Jerk)

interesting + entertaining…..

A Split Second to Peace

“Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath….”

everyday gurus

match strikeIt happens in an instant–love and acceptance snap to anger and unrest. I’ve seen/felt it a hundred times each day on battlefields, street corners, at dinner tables, but, most importantly, in my own mind. This is where peace starts and ends, and we have the power to choose.

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Attention, people who do not cough on their upper arms.

cherish each moment, even the ones that suck.

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