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Watch “Sheila Walsh on Unforgiveness” on YouTube

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The Man Cave

Quarter Life Confessions

ea1916be3daf1f50b0c88731be1ac6acAs a woman, if you have ever been in a relationship you have invariably had to deal with the Man Cave scenario. When a man is stressed or burdened with feelings he cannot immediately process, he finds himself wanting to run. Run far away. Most of the time he cant just pack up his life and go. So he retreats into his mind, throws himself into work or vigorously focuses on his most prized hobby. He seems distant and cold towards you, and you cant help but wonder- Did I do something wrong?

If you have ever read Johan Gray’s book; “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus;” you will be familiar with the Man Cave scenario. Gray refers to men as Martians and Women as Venusians. He states that men go into this metaphorical Man Cave from time to time; because unlike us women, who have the…

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Am I a violent person?

“Why do you get upset?”

Why do you get upset?

“What is fueling your feelings of disappointment, hurt, anger or resentment? Your spouse comes home – late again – why does this bother you? Maybe your spouse has had an affair, what truly hurts you about the affair? You see, what we’ve discovered through the years is that couples do not fight because of in-laws, finances, communication, or children. Couples fight because of something
far more significant.

The reason we get upset and then get into ugly arguments with our mate is because of fear. This is not the kind of fear that prevents you from turning off the lights in a room or walking down an empty street. But relational fears like rejection, disconnection, being controlled, failure, invalidation, worthlessness, or unhappiness.”

I’m kicking my demons out!

  Here is a powerful quote that is helping me to see abnormal psyche from God’s point – of -vew.

   “A good way to remember the intent of the word desire is to break it down by syllables. “De” means “of.” And “sire” mean “father.” All desire is “of the father.”  The question should not be, “are my desires from God?” The question should be, “With what, or with whom have I been communing?” I can commune with God or with the enemy. If I take time to ponder an offense I experienced some years ago, the desires of vindication and retaliation will stir up in my heart. Why? Because I have been fellowshipping with the father of bitterness, and those desires are the children formed in my heart”  (Bill Johnson, Dreaming with God, 30 -31).

“Four Rules to Understand What Makes People Tick” by Scott Young

“Breaking down human behavior into rules might seem like a gross simplification. But even with the complexities, it is easy to fall into the same mistakes. I’d argue that many heated fights, lost sales and broken hearts are caused by a few critical errors. If you make the wrong assumptions, you’ve lost before you begin.

By keeping in mind these rules, you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Rule One: People Mostly Care About Themselves

People aren’t thinking about you. A damaging myth to buy into is believing the amount of time you think of yourself compares to the amount of time others think of you. In reality they are nowhere close. Take a look at this chart” (

You’ll need to click the previous link to get at the remaining rules articulated by Mr. Scott Young. Rule #1 surely packs an authentic punch.

The point I’d like to make within the context of abnormal psychology is that (here I’m speculating) crazy folks may not actually be just artists in self-gratification; they’re just certifiably crazy and/or possesed. Am I merely begging the question?

“the bad man”

This famous song provides some clues into the abnormal psyche. Feedback, anyone?

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