I want to be brief . I teach on the college level. I’m not a professional psychologist, but I’m been exploring the realm of the irrational for a few years. So, now I’m blogging about male irrationality.

My intention in this blog  is  to contribute additional content to the literature.  At least, that’s my hope? Regardless, I want to meet interesting individuals that share my interest.

Of course, Johnny Ringo/Divine is my stage name or pen name, if you please. I think JR was an extreme case, in terms of abnormal psychology. I’m speculating, of course, at this point. But, I’m convinced that in primitive society and in post modern cultures the extreme cases that normally are marginalized have been placed in the forefront of our collective vision.

In short, what youth are seeing in too many arenas of life  are maladaptive models (protagonists),  instead of responsible compassionate men.