nicholascageThe Ignoring is a brand new movie starring Nicholas Cage…not. The Ignoring is what I dealt with for over a month here recently. I would come home. I would say something to my husband. I would be met with silence. I would text my husband. I would be met with no reply. It got to the point where he would just look at me and glare. This glare was in response to the following situations.

Me: I got you frozen pizzas

Him: *Glare*

This isn’t because he doesn’t like frozen pizza, he freaking loves frozen pizza; it’s a large part of his diet, about sixty-five percent or so.

Me: How are you today?

Him: *Glare*

Me: How’s your family?

Him: *Glare*

Me: Do you want to go out for dinner?

Him *Glare*

Although, he would occasionally spout that he didn’t have money for dinner, I mostly got the glare response…

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