In dealing with the abnormal psyche, “prayer is a given.” I’m quoting the author of “Fighting the Demons 2: Saint Savvas.” Of course, I’m extracting the quote out of the explicit context of the post.

I am using the quotation as a principle: prayer is a given. There is no true hope outside of faith in Christ Jesus.

Fighting the Demons 2: Saint Savvas Our first examination of the fight with demons was that of St. Antony, the locus classicus of the monastic fight with the Devil in the ancient world (here with an older post here), followed by an unplanned post on Shenoute's violent treatment of "the Devil". Our second look at fighting the demons is from another Greek biography of a desert saint, the Life of Savvas by Cyril of Scythopolis. St. Savvas (we met him here before) was a Palestinian mon … Read More

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