“John Peters Ringo (May 3, 1850 – July 13, 1882), better known as Johnny Ringo, was a cowboy who became a legend of the American Old West because of, among other things, his affiliation with the Clanton Gang in the era of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, in Tombstone, Arizona. That group of outlaws was known commonly as “the cowboys” around Tombstone, and Ringo himself was called “the King of the Cowboys.” However, beyond verbal confrontations, he took no part in those events. Ringo was occasionally erroneously referred to as “Ringgold” by the newspapers of the day, but this was not his name, and there is no evidence that he ever deliberately used it” (Wikipedia).

Affiliation is important to outlaws and the like. Even if you’re not a gangster, you might be the mayor or pastor and, today, there is not much difference. Mayors, pastors, and presidents need to affiliate because momma never weaned them. They can’t truly stand on their own two toddling feet. Not that I’m dissing motherhood.

Because these types still need the teat, others suffer. Example #1: One of my roommates has the same momma fixation and it’s gone much further than any of us expected.

He’s a pretty possessed sad sack walking around deluded into believing that he’s the son of God…Christ’s brother “teaching” us a better way and that we should change and become aligned with his ideological fabrications. One of his fabrications, known as the Night Light game is surely the product of a deranged psyche.

The Night Light Game goes like this: under no circumstances should one keep a night light lit during daylight hours, otherwise that person will be endanger of hellfire. There are no deviations from this rule; it qualifies for the 11th Mosaic commandment.

What’s my point in this post? I would have thought it self-evident, but many “individuals” are so sheltered that they could see the front side of a barn, even if you shoved their faces into it. Know what I mean? Regardless, here’s the point I’m putting out there today: perfectionists are punks and anytime they feel the need to push their asinine agendas onto others they’ve crossed the line, again.