“Breaking down human behavior into rules might seem like a gross simplification. But even with the complexities, it is easy to fall into the same mistakes. I’d argue that many heated fights, lost sales and broken hearts are caused by a few critical errors. If you make the wrong assumptions, you’ve lost before you begin.

By keeping in mind these rules, you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Rule One: People Mostly Care About Themselves

People aren’t thinking about you. A damaging myth to buy into is believing the amount of time you think of yourself compares to the amount of time others think of you. In reality they are nowhere close. Take a look at this chart” (http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/four-rules-to-understand-what-makes-people-tick.html).

You’ll need to click the previous link to get at the remaining rules articulated by Mr. Scott Young. Rule #1 surely packs an authentic punch.

The point I’d like to make within the context of abnormal psychology is that (here I’m speculating) crazy folks may not actually be just artists in self-gratification; they’re just certifiably crazy and/or possesed. Am I merely begging the question?