Peter the apostle was a true Wildman and then, he met the Master. Is Peter’s faith viable? Earlier today, I was reading a blog, “In the Battle,”  authored by Dj. His message is not only spiritually provocative, but impactive.

Dj writes: “So, I’ve been thinking for a while about the relationship I and many others have with Jesus Christ. One thing that really bothers me is when I get the urge to think that I’m afraid to go to hell and that is what spurs my thoughts away from a sin pit I was close to falling into. Here is what I don’t like about it. That fear is not a relationship. It resembles nothing of the relationship that I have with Jesus. I feel as if I’m serving Him, just to get into heaven. Don’t get me wrong, going to heaven and seeing the kingdom restored is going to an unimaginable event. It’s a great ending to our story… but let me ask this one simple question.

If there was no heaven…. If that wasn’t the offer… Would you still follow Him?”