This early afternoon, I locked horns with a family member, a notorious OED type ; plus, he/she  is noted for passive-aggressive tendencies. Am I poisoning the well already?

Here are my observations – be they what they are – 3 hours after the temper tantrums I’m not sure if I remember the facts. Regardless, perhaps you will catch the spirit of the dispute. Here goes (I resort to animal brainstorming):

  •  I went into apologize (about a previous possible breaking of room-mate rules), but then something was said, then someone  exploded.
  • We were verbally at each like two toddlers battling over a toy at the playground.

I said: @#$%^&

He said: roughly the same ideas without the profanity.

He raises his voice

I raise my voice.

We’re at loggerheads.

He hurled accusations.

I said he was an accusation (is that stupid or what).

I made a cheap shot.

He made a cheaper shot.

Back & forth, slinging slanderous daggers.

Forth & back, verbally bashing  the other.

The ploy of stating “you’re not being rational”

The cheap shot: YOU r crazy!

And on and on ad nauseum.

  • Of course, I regret that we weren’t being filmed, you know, so that we could review our slanderous  skirmish, then, maybe laugh at it & forgive each other. But forgiveness is out of the question for a Pharisee brother-in-law; he’d rather I cut out my throat.
  • The statement that we should change things made by someone who wants you to change his way,  along his line of logic is not logical; it’s damn presumptuous.
  • Sometimes you have to get it out. Don’t repress, just express.
  • You don’t have to dig into someone, but it is incumbent to get 2 the raw truth.
  • Call a spade a spade. If you have hearts in your hand then lay those hearts down.